Letter From the CEO, Spring 2023

March 5, 2023  |  3 min read

Dear Clients and Friends of Sagemont Tax,

As I reflect on the recent close of 2022 and the first full “post-COVID-19” calendar year, I am reminded of the positive sentiments and goodwill that were mutually shared between and among myself, the team at Sagemont Tax, and our clients.

As a first-time business owner, I’ve quickly learned that one of the greatest joys of running a company is to witness and very often ride shotgun on the professional “journeys” of both your employees and your clients, all while simultaneously riding in the cockpit of your own journey. I’ve heard that “you can’t help a man up a hill without getting closer to the top yourself” and now I know that sentiment is true. While all these journeys are individual, the shared experience has proven to be fertile ground for making real, lasting connections with both internal and external stakeholders.

In 2022, this common ground was marked by yet another version of the PPP: perseverance, patience, and pride (yes, I just did that; another cringeworthy innuendo between the ERC and my own new version of the “PPP”). It was a pleasure to share this version with our clients, partners, and the Sagemont Tax team.

  • Perseverance: Hats off to the American business owners that have weathered the COVID-19 storm. What were certainly two extremely challenging years from both an operational and economic standpoint, you stood resolute and determined to come out on the other side. All the while, you stood by your employees’ side and played a pivotal role in making sure they came out with you as well. This perseverance is what I and many others believe was the true spirit of the ERC legislation.
  • Patience: You showed patience both in waiting out the pandemic and in the IRS processing your ERC refund claim. After weathering the storm and all the ups and downs with the pandemic, cheers to you for continuing to hang on and not losing that patience.
  • Pride: Despite the challenges and setbacks, there was a proud moment felt by all business owners that survived the pandemic. Small businesses are the backbone of this country, and you should feel proud to have done your part to keep folks employed. Here at Sagemont Tax we are also proud of what we do and take great pride in helping business owners claim the reward they deserve for not giving up and standing by their employees.

Here’s to 2023 and reaching new professional and personal milestones. I hope to share part of that journey with all of you and continue to help as many business owners as possible, while Sagemont Tax looks forward to initiatives beyond the ERC.


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Kenneth Dettman, CPA

Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director
Kenneth Dettman, CPA

Kenneth Dettman, CPA

Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director
Kenneth (“Kenny”) Dettman, CPA, CEO and Managing Director, leads Sagemont Tax with 15 years of high-level tax advisory experience. He is considered a pioneer in the Employee Retention Credit (“ERC”) service industry, having facilitated the first ever “advance funding” with the leading asset-based lender specializing in ERC claims, while also successfully sourcing and underwriting one of the first ERC “tax insurance” policies in...
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